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psychotherapy in diabetes mellitusPsychotherapy is probably the least appreciated therapy against diabetes. People have different feelings they may have diseases. The vast majority of reaction to the disease, whatever it was, negative. Only a fraction of patients flaunts or accept the illness quietly. Every person suffering from chronic disease tend to go through a sense of denial come to terms with illness, guilt, confusion, grief, regret and other emotions of negative emotions. Are many months, sometimes years before the patient will be able to overcome negative emotions.

Psychotherapy helps to understand their disease, mentally prepare a person for a terrible diagnosis. Young people burdened with diabetes, the disease is difficult perceive, react to it. They are going through moments of despair: "really there's no end". Because the disease can impose certain restrictions that destroys life plans. People aged calmer and easier to tolerate the detection of diabetes.

However, all patients are tested with various fears. They are afraid for their lives. They fear the lack of control urine sugar and blood insulin, hypoglycemic agents, meeting with inexperienced doctor, waiting for the manifestation of pathology in children. They are afraid of arising problems in the family and at work (the need for strict dieting, of insulin, sometimes changing profession and other inconveniences).

Rehabilitation of people burdened with diabetes, quite difficult. It primarily provides for psychotherapeutic influence from the medical establishment, and, of course, the medical staff where the patient is undergoing rehabilitation. Psychotherapists are encouraged to turn to these patients either by name or by name and patronymic, including the treatment of "patient" for those suffering from this disease are irrelevant.

People who have identified diabetes mellitus should undergo detailed clinical examination in the hospital (better endocrinology) and to develop the school, intended for patients with this endocrine disease. These patients require regular contact with a therapist, especially at the initial stage of the disease.

Psychotherapy is helping to make the disease come to terms with it, to understand that periods of bad mood, irritability contribute to the complication of diabetes. In addition, the deterioration of health completely may not be associated with diabetes. Sometimes it causes due to other reasons caused by stress.

the Patient it is important to learn what is necessary to overcome difficulties and strive for success. With such thoughts and a positive attitude with diabetes quite successfully overcome life's difficulties. Patient it is important to teach to take care of health, to transfer restrictions related to diet, painlessly and easily. Psychotherapy helps to give him the idea that using a variety of recipes that you can prepare delicious diabetic meals. The patient must adopt the motto: "I want that!".

He should buy a whole Arsenal of different techniques, which helps to resolve any problems. Friendly advice and emotional support to help people who perceive diabetes as a "end of the world", get rid of depressing feelings.

Psychotherapy avoidance of melancholy, evil thoughts helps, for example, viewing pictures that cause pleasant memories, journals and Newspapers, favorite TV programs, reading interesting books, listening to music and more. After lunch, they are shown a dream, at least short-term.