Therapeutic exercise in diabetes mellitus

Physical activity
Physical therapy


therapeutic exercise in diabetes mellitusthe Treatment of diabetes regardless of its type and the patient's age requires a comprehensive approach that would apply different methods and tools aimed at maintaining the human body in norm.

diabetes effective is physical therapy - physical exercises, a positive effect on the patient's condition. Regular and systematic training reduces hyperglycemia and enhance the action of insulin.

Medical practice shows that significant physical activity quite often lead to a sharp rise in blood sugar, so any therapeutic exercise should be in moderation and conducted strictly under the supervision of a specialist.

Physical activity contribute to the activation of oxidative-fermentative processes, increases glucose utilization by the working muscles, as training increases the synthesis of glycogen in muscle and liver.

sessions of physical therapy have a positive effect on the nervous system, which is very often violated in the development of diabetes. Exercise strengthens the cardiovascular system, preventing the occurrence of atherosclerosis - diseases, frequently occurring as a complication of diabetes.

physiotherapy exercises are aimed at improving the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, increase efficiency, normalization of emotional tone of patients.

the Duration and types sports depending on the severity of diabetes and the patient's condition. Based on this, in mild form is allowed duration of physical activity in 30 - 40 min, with an average shape - 20 to 30 minutes, in severe - up to 10 - 15 min.

In mild form of the disease with exercise involved in the work of all muscle groups is average and the slow pace of their implementation. In this exercise different diversity focal areas. Widely used exercises with objects and projectiles. Patients doctors recommend to be engaged in sports walking, running, swimming, skiing, playing, all the while being under the supervision of specialists.

For patients with moderate are exercise moderate pace with a strong amplitude. It is possible to apply for medicinal purposes of slow walking and swimming.

In the presence of severe degrees of illness, should be in bed. Therapeutic classes combine exercises for small and medium-sized muscles, alternating with breathing. In addition to gymnastics, it is recommended to massage and tempering procedures.