Signs and symptoms of diabetes mellitus - initial, in adults, early, starting, treatment, main, of first and second type

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Diabetes mellitus is a very dangerous disease, which may appear in any age. Just like any other disease, diabetes has a few characteristic and related to it clinical symptoms.

Diabetes mellitus of 1st typeprogresses quickly, as a rule. Due to this fact glucose is not absorbed with organism and it goes to be extracted by kidney system, which leads to an abnormal volume of sugar (glucose) in urine. Frequent urination disturb patient’s normal life.

Signs and symptoms of diabetes mellitus Due to a huge amount of liquid excretion, organism in this situation is getting dehydrated. Patient that suffers from diabetes mellitus usually feels strong thirst. This is also a reason for the dryness in the mouth and some smack of iron.

This disease also causes the quick loss of weight. Patients complain on constant fatigue, drowsing, weakness, headache, insomnia. At the same time, the feel of hunger is getting stronger as the organism does not have the required level of glucose.

Diabetes also may be a cause of reaction of skin: appearance of rash and itching, especially, in the area of groin. Both women and men suffer from fungus infections too. From time to time patients may feel discomfort in the area of heart.

Symptoms of diabetes mellitus Diabetes mellitus of 2nd type is progressing slowly, and its initial phases has no expressive clinical picture. In this case frequent urination is accompanied with strong thirst. Patients are feel weakness and fainting.

There are changes of metabolism that result quick raise of patient’s weight, up to fatty degeneration.

Symptoms are of skin infections are manifested by slow healing of wounds and any scratches. Men also may have balanoposthomycosis and the weakening of functionality of the libido. In course of disease progress it produces xanthomas, i.e. small swellings of yellow color.

At the same time, there are problems of hormone nature. Face skin hair is getting intensified, but the skin hair of legs is vanishing. Patients also complain on the constant pains in legs, numbness of hands or legs and muscular convulsions.

Also manifestation of diabetes mellitus can be acetone odour of the mouth, which is connected to ketoacidosis and metabolic disorders. In any case, any patient, who has noticed anything like that, should report about these symptoms and ask for the medical help or pass a physical examination that will be indicated by doctor.