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risk of diabetesToday, doctors-endocrinologists pay special attention to the factors which reduce the risk of diabetes, allowing not only to predict the course of the disease and timely prevent it. So, let's look at what affects the development of the disease.


non-modifiable risk factors of diabetes

Age. Unfortunately, the elderly are most at risk of developing diabetes. According to studies, scientists have found that over the years, the pancreas does not produce the required amount of insulin, and thus causes the disease.

Sex. Numerous studies have revealed that women are most susceptible to diabetes than men.

Genetic predisposition. Can certainly influence genetic predisposition to the disease, but all the same, the decisive role played by the lifestyle of the person.


Modifiable risk factors of diabetes

a Stressful situation. It is a stressful situation can trigger an increase in blood insulin, which causes diabetes.

Obesity. Scientists have proved that excess weight causes organic disorders and thus triggers the development of the disease.

Blood pressure. At elevated pressure (more than 140/90) heart has to work harder because more effort is applied, allowing to push the blood through the vessels. Because of this several times increases the risk of many diseases such as myocardial infarction, impaired vision, diabetes or a stroke.

the Decrease of physical activity. As you know, through simple exercises, you can not only improve health, but also reduce the risk of heart attack, diabetes, improve sleep and strengthen the heart muscle and also to lose weight.

Complications of infectious diseases such as influenza, measles, rubella also are risk factors of diabetes.

How does the development of diabetes? Essentially the mechanism of the disease is quite complicated and depends on types of illness.

First type (insulin) - characterized by destruction of beta cells of pancreas, secreting the hormone insulin. As a consequence, in the body there is a shortage of insulin. The ill person receives insulin therapy and adheres to strict diets.

Second type (insulin) is characterized by impaired working beta cells and complete loss of tissue receptors to insulin produced. This type of disease develops over the years and does not lead to serious complications, but requires strict dieting.

it is Worth noting that between the two types of diabetes there is no fundamental difference. However, people own long-term persistent adverse efforts (obesity, Smoking and sedentary lifestyle) tends to increase the risk of development of such a complex disease.