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blood sugarsugar Content in the body, specifically in blood is strictly regulated to a level optimal for the availability of substances to all the tissues if necessary, but without exceeding value, after which the excess should be removed with urine. High or low indicator is a serious violation of metabolism, which ensures the development of harmful diseases.

If plasma blood sugar is elevated, the disease is called hyperglycemia. The increase of glucose can be caused by the body's response to pain, fear, excitement, high load. Such increase of sugar are above normal adaptive response of the body, as the tissue under the influence of these factors contribute to increased consumption of glucose.

After the termination of influence of such loads, the volume of blood should return to normal in the shortest possible time. Persistent increased if its output exceeds the body's ability to assimilate glucose. High content will eventually lead to the defeat of the insular apparatus of the pancreas, and the excess sugar leaves the body in urine. But often this is not enough, and the toxins will continue to accumulate, poisoning the entire body.

glucoseSome of the symptoms of excessive sugar - intense thirst, frequent urination, dry skin, and at a higher concentration in the blood to vomiting, loss of consciousness, the beginning of the hyperglycemic coma. Long glucose deviation from the norm becomes a cause destruction of the immune system, the appearance of purulent processes, the thickening of the blood, which clog the capillaries and small blood vessels. Problems with the blood supply of all organism, and especially of the limbs, the defeat of the reproductive system.

raise the glucose can be caused not only by the excess of his production, but also the inability of the cells to absorb from the blood which will also lead to its slow accumulation. Therefore one can distinguish generally two kinds of diabetes: the former is a deviation from the norm connected with shortage of insulin and the second insulin in the normal range, but it does not fulfill its function. Since glucose is our body is synonymous with the word "energy", people, cells which do not receive the proper amount of sugar, gets tired quickly from any activity, it is difficult for a long time to concentrate, fatigue.