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blood sugarMaybe it will seem incredible, but people with diabetes really fully enjoy life. They can eat favorite food, work, exercise, raise kids and much more. Life to diagnosed in no time without end.

diabetes mellitus is a disease of the endocrine system the complex nature associated with insulin deficiency, the lack of which creates stress to the body. The level of sugar is really getting beyond the proper norm. And the norm for a healthy person is considered to be an indicator of 3,3 - 7,9 mmol/l. Moreover, it is worth to notice that the blood counts are still the same both for the child and adult. All diabetics, in addition to the underlying disease suffering from kidney failure, violation of metabolic processes. And if you run the disease, you can deal with the peripheral parts of the body, disorders of the Central nervous system, the formation of blood clots.

In the present medical practice have noted two types of diabetes. In children and young people up to 25 years dominated by the first type. Most often it deficiency of the content of insulin, leading to high blood sugar levels. Obese people and those over 40 years are prone to the second type of the disease. It is much more common and is noted in 90% of patients with this disease.

blood sugar in diabetesthe Second type is insidious and dreadful form of diabetes, often developing with no symptoms. The disease is characterized by imperceptible weakening susceptibility of cells to the produced insulin that you no longer want to recognize the hormone and reject it. This means that the cells, not digesting sugar do not get energy. And in the end, the level of glucose rises to abnormal performance. The body with this disease can not handle, so the patient requires an urgent change of way of life or the permanent intake of insulin and other drugs.

a Competent and secure power will contribute a noticeable improvement in diabetic, as it would contribute to reduction of blood sugar levels. Well-structured and balanced diet allows patients to eat even sweet, though in limited quantities. And this is the only case that managed to reach consistency in the course of diabetes and is not observed changes in blood glucose. Otherwise, sweets and high-calorie food is better to sacrifice for the sake of life.