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Norma blood sugar in adultsUntil people are faced with the terrible diagnosis of diabetes, they are rarely interested in what should be the optimal normal blood sugar adult. Many of them wonder what it is to know if nothing hurts? The answer suggests a very easy. The fact is that when you pass the tests and find out the shocking figures, it may be treated very difficult and sometimes impossible even to hope for a positive outcome. So wouldn't it be easier to control all the initially?

In the blood of adults and in adolescents and infants, must have a glucose. Its level in individuals of the same age are about the same, if without any deviations. Sugar in the blood of healthy adults ranges from 3.1 to 6 mmol/l, which corresponds to the norm. You'll have to understand that small fluctuations in sugar levels during the day may slightly increase an adult after he will have lunch or have dinner. Especially the influence of sugary foods. Even in the morning after drinking one Cup of their favourite aromatic tea with two slices of refined sugar, you have to be prepared for the fact that after a few minutes the level of glucose in the blood increases. Therefore, in no event it is impossible to go for tests, after Breakfast. However, there are hard figures that can be seen, correctly passing the tests.


Pathology when changing norms glucose in adults

sugar in the blood adultAlready proven by doctors that the excess sugar in the blood of any person, including an adult leads to serious diseases. If this level rises above 7 mmol/l, should sound the alarm. It's not just diabetes, which are so afraid of people. There are a number of other diseases that develop when you increase the rates of sugar. People with high glucose level is a very weak immune system. The more our blood is saturated with her, the weaker the immune system. That's why, as soon as diabetes mellitus, arise and comorbidities. Isn't this period are compounded by even mild colds, I can heal small scratches, fractures do not heal? Therefore, the increased glucose levels that suddenly showed up in the tests, one is bound to decrease.

No less dangerous, and low blood sugar an adult. This depression, depressed mood, and General weakness. In this case, perhaps the treatment is not required. Improve the food, add vitamins, and glucose levels will return to normal.

If the family ancestors had a high sugar, be sure to buy a glucometer and at least occasionally keep track of your tests.