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sugar in the blood in childrenParents must be strictly and regularly check the sugar level in the blood of their children because not every child may notice changes in his body and to tell an adult. And the disease will gain momentum, and effective treatment will be given with great difficulty. Especially caring and attentive must be mothers in those families where there is a tendency to increase the rates of glucose close relatives or the child is overweight.

the blood sugar any child is almost same as that of the adults who surround him, and range from 3.1 to 5.5 mmol/l during the day it can be changed insignificant after eating, but then back to the usual norm. And yet the readings increase considerably and exceed it, if from early childhood to consume a lot of sweets. It would seem, how to limit a favorite child from a piece of delicious cake or chocolate marshmallows? However, if such delicacies are eaten by children in large quantities, the rate of glucose in the blood increases, and instead of the usual value, the meter will show the figures much more. And to pamper your baby can be healthy and tasty treats. These include raisins, dried fruit. Up to 3 years old children shouldn't be given sugar, because it is quite used in fruits, vegetables, breads, cookies and other products.

Elevated (greater than 6.5 mmol/l) blood sugar children is a phenomenon very dangerous. This is the first step to the development of diabetes, which threatens the child's body horrible complications: loss of vision, obesity, kidney disease and more.

How to measure the content of blood sugar at home

blood sugar babyIf children increased the level of glucose in the blood, will have to monitor it constantly. For this house must be glucometer to use which is very simple. The doctor will tell you how many times you need to measure the level of glucose. First time this is done usually before Breakfast. Then during the day made several test measurements, if the doctor recommends. Due to such control of the norm of glucose in the body children of any age, you can determine how to affect the health status of physical activity or sports.

In the control of blood sugar levels have to teach the child the basic rules of hygiene that must be followed when performing this procedure. In addition the child must be able independently to do the tests, to notice increased sugar, however little, and to inform parents or taking medication.