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The principle of operation of blood glucose meters
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Modern blood glucose meter called an electronic device used to measure the level of glucose contained in the blood (glycemia). As the world is experiencing a dramatic increase of people suffering from one or another type of diabetes, the role of the meter to date it is difficult to overestimate.


Principles of operation

the Principle of operation of meterPrinciple of operation meter can be divided into two types - photometric (when the optical system of the device determines the glucose level to change the hue of the reagent) and electrochemical (this principle is based on the glucose contained in the blood by measuring the current that occurs during the reaction). Modern blood glucose meter, the principle of which allows you to accurately determine the sugar content in the blood, has become indispensable for many diabetics, both the first and second type of the disease.

If we talk about the device meter, the appliances of the modern types for the measurement of glycemia in the blood consists of a system with adjustable ejection blade for piercing leather, electronic unit, equipped with LCD display and test strips.


Types of blood glucose meters

types of, types, principle of operation of meterNow a little about what are blood glucose meters. As mentioned above, types glucose meters are based on the principle of their work. There are photometric and electrochemical types of devices for measuring the level of glycemia. The photometric blood glucose meter is quite impractical and not well suited for use in the home, what can be said about the electrochemical glucose meter. Scheme of electrochemical blood glucose meter is quite simple: all the information about the content of glucose in the blood of the patient is read from the test strips, where to apply the drop of blood. Electrochemical blood glucose meters are highly accurate readings, ease of operation, and therefore by far the most popular. In addition, modern blood glucose meters electrochemical principle of operation equipped with a system for connection to a personal computer that allows to systematize the process of measuring the blood glucose data. Electrochemical blood glucose meter the last generation able to remember Yes 450 test results.

Today, the domestic market presents a variety of types glucose meters - from the most simple to devices with built-in tonometer. Whichever meter you choose, as long as it meet the established standards and were of high accuracy, because it affects the health and sometimes life!