The level and the rate of sugar in the blood in men

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sugar in the blood in menMany are lost in conjectures and suspicions, what should be the normal blood sugar healthy men who lead an active lifestyle. Oddly enough, but these figures and our strong brutal guys elegant and sophisticated ladies are exactly the same. So nice to know that the blood in our veins is absolutely identical by its composition. So the rate of glucose it should not exceed the figure 6 mmol/l, but the lower bound can be lowered to 3.1 mmol/l. Everything that is between these rates, and will be the norm.

However, even for one day, but not that all life, the sugar level in the body of every man is changed. Sudden changes are undesirable, although a small increase happens all the time by eating a little sugar. Considered to be a gentle women with a sweet tooth. And our gentlemen, too, sometimes don't pass by a sweet chocolate or a few cups of tea, each with a couple slices of refined sugar. And yet these loads, though undesirable for the body, great risk can't imagine. Blood sugar men remained normal, and during the day again decreases and reaches its usual numbers.

Want to be sure that the body is not threatened, then visit the doctor at least once a year, but be sure to check blood work, which will present an accurate picture of health.


sugar Levels in men and sex life

blood sugar is the norm in mento be honest, but the greatest interest of the strong half of the shows to their sexual health. Is that the way of life could not be crossed closer to the level of sugar in the blood. Try to figure out how.

Increasing the permissible level of glucose in the blood of men, causes the development of diabetes mellitus and some other diseases. Sad, but after all this ill health has a negative impact on the potency of guys. When excessive sugar disrupts the small blood vessels, and every man knows that it is these small vessels that supply the his dignity of blood and takes care of the erection.

Hear our husbands about another important hormone in your body - testosterone. It is responsible for emotional macho. But enhanced significantly blunts the production of testosterone, and thus sexual life becomes not as intense.

Want to feel real, healthy man all of his life, take care of normal sugar in his blood. Don't forget that there is a glucometer, which should be in every home, so familiar as a thermometer or blood pressure cuff.