The glycemic index of sweets (sugar, honey, chocolate, marshmallow, fructose, halva)

KI sweets
GI dried fruit
GI nuts
GI of baked goods
GI legumes
GHEE meat and fish
GUY drinks
GI alcohol
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GI of vegetables
GI of dairy products
GHEE butter, eggs, mushrooms
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glycemic index sugarsit's no secret that the concept of glycemic index (for convenience abbreviated to GI) was originally introduced to help people suffering from diabetes to adjust their food. Primarily GI allows you to determine how a product affects the level of sugar in the blood. Thus, the higher the product of the GI, the faster blood will increase the blood sugar level after eating. However, today this concept is used not only those who suffer from diabetes, but many who wish to lose weight.

If we talk about the GI of different kinds of sweets, in comparison with other products it is rather high. However, not all sugary foods it maximum. This means that some sweetness is not contraindicated even for diabetics.


Glycemic index sugar

of Course, the rare person uses sugar in its pure form. Usually sugar is in various foods and beverages as an ingredient. But knowing his GI does not hurt. For refined white sugar, the average is 70. Brown sugar (unless, of course, it is not artificially colored) has a KI of 55 units. However this figure is still quite high.


the Glycemic index of honey

the glycemic index of honeyIf we refer to tables that contains information about GI of honey, there you can meet a score of 90 units. Actually different varieties of honey GI can be different: 30 to 90 units. On the level GI of honey is influenced by the ratio of fructose and glucose. If a particular grade of honey has more fructose then it will be lower GI. For example, the GI of honey is equal to 32 units, Heather - 49, eucalyptus - 52.


the Glycemic index chocolate

Definitely call the GI of chocolate is impossible. Of course, the reason is that different types of chocolate have a different composition.

So, for example, dark chocolate that contains at least 70% cocoa, has a low GI of about 25 units. This is despite the fact that it contains sugar. The secret is in dietary fiber cocoa they help to reduce GI.

But the GI of chocolate milk is 70 - this rate is considered high.


the Glycemic index Zephyr

This popular sweet, like a marshmallow has a GI equal to 65 units. Of course, this is less than in milk chocolate, but still for diabetics and dieters marshmallow product remains prohibited.


the Glycemic index of fructose

index glikemichesky chocolateFructose, unlike sucrose and glucose, it requires less insulin for absorption. This means that its GI is lower than specified substances and it is equal to 20 units. Even diabetics can use fructose in the amount not exceeding 40 Gy. a day. This is why many diabetic sweets contain fructose.


the Glycemic index halva

of Course, GUY this sweetness will depend on the variety of nuts or seeds, used for its preparation, and halva contains sugar or fructose. For example, the average GI of sunflower halva with sugar equal to 70 units. But nuts and seeds have a low GI. Accordingly, halva with fructose, the level of this indicator will be lower.