Glycemic index of nuts and seeds

KI sweets
GI dried fruit
GI nuts
GI of baked goods
GI legumes
GHEE meat and fish
GUY drinks
GI alcohol
GI fruit
GI of vegetables
GI of dairy products
GHEE butter, eggs, mushrooms
GI grains, cereals


the Glycemic index of nuts and seedsAfter the table of glycemic index (GI) products by Michel Montignac at the end of the 20th century were the practice of dietetics, we learned about the product, what the index has. And give us this knowledge? This index characterizes the ability of carbohydrates contained in certain foods increase in blood glucose levels. Distinguish between high, medium and low.

Seeds have a glycemic index of 35 units

pumpkin Seeds have a glycemic index of 25 units

Almonds have a glycemic index of 15 units

Cashews, hazelnuts, pine nuts, pistachios and walnuts have a glycemic index also 15 units

it is considered that from 10 to 40 is a low glycemic index, so the nuts have a low GI. And if KI-peanuts, almonds and other nuts are low, glucose into blood flows more slowly and evenly, and requires less respectively compared to the high GI insulin. Slow and gradual absorption of small rise and fall of blood sugar levels with low GI helps to control sugar for people with diabetes for whom it is vital.

Nuts are a very good option for snacking, they are useful, contain proteins and fats, and with a low GI (15) you will not experience hunger after this snack. Nuts can be combined with chocolate and dried fruits and vegetables.

This snack nuts have high nutritional value plus low-GI will be extremely useful. All nuts (peanuts, pine nuts, walnuts, cashews and others) have a GI of 15, provided they are not fried in oil, not smoked, not salted.


Foods with low GI subdue appetite

If during the meal to combine several foods that have low GI (for example, nuts and beets), you can not only delay the emergence of feelings of hunger, but for the next meal do not overeat, as the body will still be under the effects of recent intake of food with the so-called low GI. And nuts, as we have said above, are just such products. That is why nutritionists and in particular Michel Montignac suggest that you start the day not with buns, eaten with sweet coffee or tea with handfuls of various nuts and dairy and other protein products - because they have a low GI.

Food low glycemic (that is, nuts plus dried fruits, for example), used two hours prior to the start of the competition, for the athlete is good because it can provide the muscles of the athlete slowly released energy.