Glycemic index legumes (beans, peas, lentils)

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the glycemic index beansMany people suffering from various diseases, very careful about eating legumes because they believe them to quite nutritious. However, it should be noted that the GUY they are quite low, for this reason they can be combined with bread or meat. Glycemic index they have in the range of 25-35. Therefore, these products are useful for health. While cooking them, GUY almost does not increase, so good beans in any dish.

the Glycemic index beans

In the list of most healthy products can confidently be attributed the beans. It is eaten all centenarians. This valuable product is part of many effective diets. And all thanks to the fact that white beans contain a lot of carbohydrates, and its GI 35. The red beans glycemic index 27 and green only 15. Yet it is rich in dietary fiber. Beans lowers cholesterol and blood glucose. Only canned bean GUY a little more - 74. All because it is added sugar. It is recommended that a healthy person every week at least two times to consume meals, which include beans.

the Glycemic index of peas

Peas - unusual plant. the Kolatom In the form of dry peas have a low glycemic index, which is equal to 25, and nearly 50 fresh. Fans of chickpea can use this type safely. His KI is even lower - just 30. However, besides the remarkable properties of pea has yet another feature. It is in any form beneficial to the lower GI foods that are consumed along with it. It warns against early development of blood glucose, which happens when a fast absorption of sugar in the intestines directly after eating. Unlike other legumes, the fruits of this crop can be eaten fresh, without processing.

the Glycemic index of lentils

Lentils are rich in complex carbohydrates, that means it is easily absorbed by the body. Its use does not significantly affect the development of blood glucose. GI lentils low. Depending on grade it ranges from 25 to 41. Lentil belongs to the foods with a low glycemic index. Especially useful grade plate of lentils. It is recommended to use patients with diabetes. During lunch in a restaurant the side dish of lentils for meat or bird is a perfect option. Much higher glycemic index of canned lentils - 74. Soup-puree of lentils has a GI of 44.

Having such a large selection of our products low glycemic index, you can make the menu diverse. Meals from the legumes when properly prepared are nutritious, tasty and healthy. Look for new recipes, part of which are legumes that care about the health and stand on his guard.