The glycemic index of flour products (bread, pasta, crackers, funchoza)

KI sweets
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GI of baked goods
GI legumes
GHEE meat and fish
GUY drinks
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GI of dairy products
GHEE butter, eggs, mushrooms
GI grains, cereals


muffin glycemic indexWhat is the glycemic index? The abbreviation GI means how fast the product is consumed is digested by the body. Thus after cleavage of the glucose formed, which is also included in the calculations of GI. If the product is absorbed quickly, and the GI is higher and Vice versa. The maximum level of the index is 100, everything else starts from this index. If you eat foods that GHEE which has a high value, the blood begins to rise the sugar level, the body produces insulin, which is struggling with changes in the composition of the blood and inhibits the release of glucose.

There are estimated table, which shows the GI of food we produce.

Flour products have a glycemic index of 70 to 95 units, these include: bread made of white flour and the like sweet biscuits, products made from wheat flour, breads, pancakes, cheesecakes, rice, muesli.

In comparison with other products that contain flour (dumplings, cakes, pasta), have rates approximately twice below, and are included in the group with an average GUY.

the lowest level are mushrooms, berries (blueberry, raspberry, currant, cranberry, lingonberry), fruit (peach, Apple, pear) and dried fruits. Their glycemic index is 15 to 40 units.

If to speak about concrete figures breadstuff, here we should pay attention to the bread. As already mentioned, white bread has a glycemic index of 95 u, it belongs to the group with a high GI. Behind him are rolls - 85 ed. Less active in this respect rye bread (50 units) products from puff and yeast dough (55 units), breadcrumbs (50 units) and bread made of bran (50 units).

the Glycemic index of pasta also depends on the ingredients from which they are made. If you take an ordinary pasta and noodles, their performance is equal to 60 and 65 units respectively. the for the Dumplings take the second place, KI is $ 55. The lowest figure is noodles made from wheat flour. the Noodles has a glycemic index of 45.

glass noodles glycemic indexBread - another type of baked goods. the Glycemic index of bread is equal to 75 units, it is sufficiently high. It is in the case of wheat flour.

Another product with a high level GUY is this kind. This is a kind of dish of noodles made of rice or legume flour. It is originally from China, could refuel different sauces and vegetables to include. In comparison with this kind of bread is a rather complex product, and glycemic index of noodles is 92 units. It is prepared easily and quickly, to fill it with soy sauce, adding various vegetables that can be pickled, and roasted.