Glycemic index of eggs, butter, mushrooms

KI sweets
GI dried fruit
GI nuts
GI of baked goods
GI legumes
GHEE meat and fish
GUY drinks
GI alcohol
GI fruit
GI of vegetables
GI of dairy products
GHEE butter, eggs, mushrooms
GI grains, cereals


the glycemic index of eggsUnder glycemic index foods the power we need to understand their biological value, which is calculated through special calculations. Speaking conventionally, this indicator measures the ability of foods to cause a rapid rise in the level of glucose in the human body.

Secrete products with high, medium and low glycemic index. If you are watching your weight and a healthy diet, you need to know about this indicator of biological value of products.

the Glycemic index of eggs. Eggs are an essential product in today's time. They are used in the preparation of many dishes: salads, soups, casseroles, creams, mousses and other Goodies. The component parts of the eggs are white and the yolk. the Glycemic index eggs 48. However, this wonderful product contains a number of useful substances: vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iodine, copper, iron, cobalt. The use of eggs is especially important for young and growing organism and for those who want to have wonderful slender figure.

the Glycemic index of the oil. In the modern food industry uses large amounts of vegetable oils: sunflower, olive, corn, sea buckthorn, Flaxseed and others. All kinds of oils possess a significant stock of vitamins and minerals. The above oils do not contain carbohydrates, so these products, do not have a glycemic index of.

But butter has a high glycemic index is 51, what distinguishes this product from its counterparts of plant origin. So people who tend to be overweight and suffer from pancreatic diseases or diabetes, should try to replace it with vegetable fat.

the glycemic index of oilGlycemic index of mushrooms. Mushrooms are one of the most first living organisms appeared on our planet. In its composition they contain and fats, and vitamins and proteins, carbohydrates, sugar, and mineral salts. However, the amount of carbohydrate in this product is extremely small, which makes mushrooms to foods that have a low the glycemic index is $ 10. This indicator allows you to use them in the diet wishing to lose weight.

In conclusion, I would like to summarize the conclusion from the above. You should not avoid eating eggs, oils and mushrooms in your diet just because of a coming trend diets you suggest it! Because mushrooms can lower cholesterol, improve heart function and strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Vegetable oil is a valuable product that slows the aging process, increases immunity and is a building material. And eggs are a wonderful product in its properties and constituents, which some studies suggest reduces the risk of adolescent girls cancers of the breast. In addition, all these products have a low glycemic load that does not overload the pancreas and is not conducive to excessive production of insulin.