Glycemic index of dried fruits (dates, raisins, figs, apricots, prunes)

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GI dried fruit
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GHEE meat and fish
GUY drinks
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GHEE butter, eggs, mushrooms
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the glycemic index of dried fruitGlycemic index (GI) shows how to increase the level of glucose in your blood after eating the food (i.e. carbs). If the products contain low index on the glycemic index, the glucose will enter the blood the body much slower, more uniform parts. It is known that increased sugar provokes enhanced production of insulin by the body. He does not allow the glycogen stored in the muscles and liver and sends it straight into "vaults" - the fat belly and thighs. Therefore, is always to choose a products low KI or to limit the amount of consumption high. This is especially true of dried fruits, as the GI of some very high. For example:

Glycemic index of date - equals 146. This figure can not be compared even with oily piece of pork or a hamburger. At last the GI is almost two times lower. Therefore, dates are considered a leader among energy-dense foods. We need to consume carefully. In some diseases just is contraindicated. If you have a little extra weight, it would be better not to experiment with dates.

Glycemic index for figs is $ 35. This indicator, it is close to GI orange. Since this figure belongs to the middle group, the level of carbohydrates figs allows you to maintain vital energy in the body when fasting. We can conclude that figs can be consumed as part of fasting diets. If you combine in a salad figs, prunes and almonds, it will turn out useful and balanced by the number of KI-dish.

Glycemic index of raisins - 65. As can be seen from the above examples, it is increased the GI. Do not abuse them in cooking. Purchase some pastries rich content of raisins. Add to this another muffin and get the product "heavy artillery" for the pancreas. It is recommended to use it only in conjunction with low-carb products.

Glycemic index of dried apricots - is in the range 30. This is a normal average GUY. To lean heavily on dried apricots is not necessary, but to apply it in their menu. It has useful properties to cleanse the bowels. Rich in vitamins. It is worth considering that connect together the apricots with other dried fruits impractical. It is better to use it as a separate dish or to cook for compote.

Glycemic index of dried prunes - seedless equals 25. Thus, from all these dried fruits it contains the smallest GUY. It is widely used in the diets. If you compare it with apples, pears, oranges, peaches and watermelon, prunes undisputed leader in the low GI and the presence of antioxidants.