The glycemic index of alcoholic beverages (alcohol)

KI sweets
GI dried fruit
GI nuts
GI of baked goods
GI legumes
GHEE meat and fish
GUY drinks
GI alcohol
GI fruit
GI of vegetables
GI of dairy products
GHEE butter, eggs, mushrooms
GI grains, cereals


Glycemic index (GI) products are divided into three groups: low (10-40), medium (40-70), high (above 70). Spirits in comparison with other products belong to the middle group level GI.

When the intake of alcohol in the body in the blood increases the level of glucose, in particular, when a person uses alcohol on an empty stomach. But if the consumption of alcohol in the human stomach will be filled with fatty or protein food (e.g., fish, cheese, meat), alcohol, combined with these products will be absorbed more slowly. Accordingly, the sugar level will increase gradually, while contributing to lower generation of fat deposits.

Glycemic index of wine is $ 44. In the composition of the wine is composed of minerals, vitamins, biosignature oils, acids and esters. Through the combination of these elements, this drink has the following useful properties: lowers blood pressure, improves metabolism, promotes the toning of the body, has antibacterial and anti-allergic effect, has similar mineral waters with natural radioactivity. But since wine is primarily an alcoholic beverage, to consume it in moderate amounts.

despite the fact that glycemic index of vodka corresponds to 0, and when used increase in the blood sugar level does not occur, note that vodka is one of the most alcoholic beverages. In the amount of 50 grams of vodka is considered a good remedy in cases of poisoning, colds, toothache. With excessive consumption, it is often another alcohol may cause alcohol dependence.

the glycemic index of beerGlycemic index of beer - 45. As a result, revenues of beer in the body not only is an increase in blood sugar levels, but also begins the removal from the body of proteins, fats, minerals and carbohydrates due to the diuretic properties of beer. For example, the lack of vitamin C in the body may lead to reduced immunity and deterioration of the intellect. Extractive substances contained therein, for example, Valerian helps to relax the body, while the maltose - increasing body fat. In particular, glycemic index of maltose is $ 110, more than of glucose, although it is found in beer in small quantities - 4 gr. 1 L.

note that the benefits of alcoholic beverages may only be in the case of moderate consumption.