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First aid emergency care for diabetes mellitus

first aid for diabetesIf the diabetic suddenly became ill, it is said to reduce blood sugar of the patient. Should provide first aid emergency care: ensure patient's carbohydrates - to give a very sweet water, a couple pieces of sugar, a little white bread or honey. To give sugar water and food is possible only if the diabetic is conscious.

If your presence is ill with diabetes mellitus felt bad, soon lost consciousness, this means the onset of diabetic coma. Naturally, we should immediately call the ambulance to an emergency, but prior to her arrival, you have to worry about saving the life of a diabetic.

his First thought witnesses of diabetic coma is insulin delivery to the patient. Note that upon the slightest inconsistency of the required dose of insulin the patient with diabetes mellitus just die of cerebral edema. So don't rush to the search of insulin to inject it to the patient, because you run the risk of reducing its life to a few minutes. If possible, the patient RUB the gums with a little honey (just don't try to pour it in his mouth the sweet water, if the patient is not awake!).

Sure (even before calling the ambulance) when providing first aid flip the patient, who lapsed into a diabetic coma, on his stomach. This will provide sufficient patency of patient Airways.

Perhaps the breathing has fallen into a coma will be completely flat, but nevertheless, to leave him lying on the back can not, it will probably start vomiting. It is in possible to choke on vomit or die from collapse of the tongue and is the biggest danger of diabetic coma.

Before the arrival of doctors and ambulances should monitor the breathing of the patient with diabetes mellitus, necessary to preserve airway patency. To support this, need to clear the oral cavity of the patient with a napkin.


First aid diabetes

the ambulance Crew, which if necessary should be called immediately, we conduct the following medical emergency:

- elimination of dehydration;

- the normalization of the cardiovascular system;

- the normalization of circulating blood volume.

first aid in case of diabetes mellitusmedical workers in the provision of first aid intravenously infused to a patient of warmed isotonic solution of sodium chloride. At this time is insulin therapy, which involves inserting a specifically calculated dose of insulin to a patient once. Sometimes a patient with diabetes comes through the oxygen mask.

After a diabetic was admitted to the hospital, doctors are beginning to conduct research on the blood levels of glucose, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, chlorine, calcium, bicarbonates, magnesium, urea, residual and total nitrogen, acid-base status.

At the time of the survey continue to struggle with acidosis (soda solution washed stomach). If there is a low blood pressure, start an intravenous introduction of hormonal drugs - hydrocortisone or prednisolone. If the case is particularly heavy, gets an infusion of donor blood and plasma.