The influence of alcohol (vodka) on the blood sugar level reduces or increases?

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the Effect of alcohol on blood sugarWine and alcohol drinks is one of the first places, among the products not recommended to patients with diabetes mellitus. Meanwhile, many people are aware that vodka reduces the level of sugar in the blood. This information is of particular interest among men who do not want to indulge in alcohol intake, even despite such a terrible disease as diabetes.

the question Arises: if the vodka reduces blood sugar, why harmful drinks containing alcohol? Indeed, at first glance we are talking about a positive influence of alcohol and the long term to replace them medicines.

in order to understand this difficult situation, you need to know what kind of impact has on the body alcohol, and what impact has his appointment for the patient with diabetes mellitus.

Indeed, the intake of drinks with high alcohol content, the fortress which is equal to 35-40 degrees, inhibit glucose output from the liver, which inevitably reduces its content in the blood. However, the risk of development of glycemia, a condition caused by lack of sugar in which there is a real threat to human life.

the Situation is aggravated by the fact that the glycemia develops immediately after taking the vodka or brandy, and a few hours later, when the person may already sleep. The state of intoxication impedes the recognition of its symptoms, some of which are typical of alcohol intoxication.

Wine, on the contrary, are dangerous because they contain sugar and fructose, and in large quantities. What's more, fructose increases the absorption of sugar, making it almost instantaneous. This means that the intake of sweet drinks with moderate alcohol content: liqueurs, dessert wines and liver, rapidly increases blood sugar and can cause serious harm to the health of the patient with diabetes mellitus.

If the patient with diabetes mellitus will decide on the admission of alcohol, you need to think about security measures for the health and try to reduce negative effects to a minimum. First of all, remember that drinking alcohol ( vodka or wine) only in the state of sustainable compensation.

the Maximum intake of vodka should not exceed 100 ml and should eat foods high in carbohydrates: bread, potatoes, etc. From sweet liqueurs and liquors better completely avoided. You can drink a little dry wine, approximately 100-200ml, while taking all the necessary drugs and definitely verifying the level of sugar in the blood.