Definition of diabetes mellitus (how to identify?)

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increased appetite in diabetes mellitusIn the initial stages of diabetes mellitus can occur almost asymptomatic.

the patient Has a dry mouth, feeling of thirst, he begins to lose weight (most often this occurs at the beginning of the disease type I) or Vice versa begins weight gain (which occurs when type II diabetes).

diabetes mellitus type I is developing very rapidly, and type II is on the contrary very slowly.

But quite often occurs almost asymptomatic the disease is revealed and sometimes it is completely random, for example during routine examination of the fundus by an ophthalmologist or during research in the laboratory analyses of blood and urine for sugar. The clinical picture of diabetes mellitus type I and II are defined differently, but they have some common attributes:


children to identify diabetes the main symptom is incontinence of urine at night, especially in the event that before the child in the bed is not peed.

type I diabetes most likely to encounter such condition in which critically high or low blood sugar, which, of course, requires emergency treatment.

diabetes type II patients appears strong itching, sensation of thirst, fatigue, drowsiness, blurred vision, skin infections, significantly slows healing, foot numbness and developing obesity.


urination in diabetes mellitusHow to detect diabetes?

Sometimes begin to lose hair on the legs, and at the same time increases their growth on the face, but can also appear yellowish small growths on the body in both men and women. As the disease progresses, patients with the metabolism and it, undoubtedly, will gradually lead to decreased immunity and this, in turn, significantly reduces the resistance to all diseases.

So, when even some of these signs, the patient needs to go to the doctor and, if necessary, for a complete examination. Timely treatment to the doctor will determine diabetes and begin treatment at an earlier stage that will significantly improve the patient's condition.