The clinical picture of diabetes and internal diseases

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The clinical picture


internal medicine diabetes eyethere are two types of diabetes: insulin dependent (type I) and non-insulin dependent type II.

Diabetes mellitus has a clearly defined clinical picture and sintomatico. Most often in the area of risk are the young people up to 25 years. The disease begins in most cases quite sharply, sometimes even diabetic coma.

however, the decrease in the level of insulin in the blood, or it is not specified, the current insulin-dependent diabetes is often unstable.

Patients mostly complaining of dry mouth and feeling of thirst. Also, there is weight loss and increased urination, increased appetite. Overall condition of the body is deteriorating, there is a feeling of weakness and sinking health, frequent headaches, irritability and insomnia, pain in the heart area and in the calf muscles. Because of declining immunity may the occurrence of boils, inflammatory diseases of internal organs, tuberculosis. When tests in urine and blood revealed an elevated level of sugar.

the Clinical picture of diabetes mellitus type II, and diabetes in children is somewhat different and depends on various factors. Diabetes type II is usually more characteristic for elderly, obese or overweight. The occurrence and onset of the disease is rather slow and calm. The level of insulin in the blood is kept in the normal range or slightly exceed it. For non-insulin-dependent diabetes may be invisible and is found in some cases, only with the development of complications or incidentally in the course of examination.

children maybe the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus according to this clinical picture as, as increased thirst and copious fluid with the urine, in young children this symptom may be observed as bedwetting. There are also a number of signs indicating that the coma is increased diuresis, dehydration and sudden weight loss, drowsiness and lethargy, vomiting, smell of acetone breath.

internal diseases diabetes mellitus renal insufficiencyInternal medicine diabetes mellitus

In the first instance diabetes gives complications blood vessels, on the background of the clinical picture may occur even such internal diseases as a defeat vessels in the retina eyes, which can lead to retinal detachment and optic nerve atrophy.

diabetes undergo frequent infection kidney and urogenital system, can develop the disease as chronic renal failure. Possible dysfunction of the bladder or the emergence of problems impotence in men, internal diseases like diabetes.