The causes of the disease and development of diabetes

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In the body of a person who has the disease such as diabetes mellitus, as a rule, first of all, impaired function of this organ, as the pancreas: it does not produce the required amount of insulin, or the secret that produces it, has the body qualities. In modern Russia, this disease is one of the most common, and the age of those patients that are stricken with diabetes, is slowly but surely declining.


So what is his reason?

the Cause of diabetes is often very individual, but among them, by the conviction of the doctors, certainly no such factor as a droplet infection.

Often, the layman associates diabetes mellitus with the name of this disease, referring to the main cause of excessive consumption of sweets. Is it really so? As the doctors assure us that the relationship between sweet and the indirect cause of the disease. After all, most sweet tooth is people sedentary, obese and overweight. And it is obesity and excess weight are the main risk factor.

just a very common cause of the disease can be called, and heredity in the human organism the predisposition to diabetes mellitus, among which family member is sick, these disease is very high, but if there are other risk factors, it grows right up to eighty percent!

as a possible cause of the development could be the impact of some diseases on the endocrine glands. For example, as a result of trauma or cancer of the pancreas, and pancreatitis in a full gland ceases to produce insulin. By the way, to the disease in the presence of the above risk factors can lead even an ordinary viral infection type rubella, smallpox or influenza.

as a psychological cause of diabetes is often such factors as the weakening of the body after the stress.

Each of these phenomena can cause diabetes human in advanced age and fat build.

Alas, time also cannot be called an ally of the body prone to diabetes: the risk of disease with age increases more and more. Statistics also shows following a disappointing picture: with each passing decade, the number of diabetes patients over the age of 50 almost doubles. That's why people in old age it is very important to monitor their health.