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the Cause of diabetes in children is still not completely understood. More and more experts are raising the question of heredity of this disease. More information from physicians appears the tendency to the disease of children on a genetic level. And if there are people in this disease, we must control the level of sugar in the shelter all his family.

Also diabetes in children arises and develops for other reasons. This is, firstly, due to unbalanced food and abuse of sweet food. The second main reason can serve as physical or psychological trauma.

basically, the scientists are of the opinion that the causes signs of diabetes in children are similar to the causes of the same disease in adults. The child's body is unable to produce the required amount of insulin, resulting in the accumulation of excess sugar in the blood.

Some scientists believe that another cause of this unpleasant disease can be both infectious diseases greatly reduces the immune system of the body. However, while this theory only at the level of speculation.

Also as a result of animal studies verified the occurrence of diabetes mellitus in the removal of the pancreas, or when the introduction of insulin opposing hormones (HGH). But the role of various hormones in the occurrence of diabetes is still controversial.

Initially, insulin is secreted through the pancreas, and in the destruction of cells creates a fertile ground for the manifestation of diabetes. At the birth of this important body of the child is of very small size. At the age of ten the child has a lot of the pancreas of the child is doubled. But the production of insulin by the pancreas finally formed only in the fifth year of a child's life. At the age of from five to ten years, children are very susceptible to increased sugar level in the blood.

Also, parents need to pay attention to the consumption of carbohydrates their child. So, the children a day to eat ten grams of carbohydrates per kilogram of body weight. Also on the occurrence of diabetes can have an impact and the condition of the nervous system children, which is still not fully formed and need special attention from adults.

Parents need to be wary if you see the child a strong thirst, increased amount of urine secreted during the day, and sudden weight loss.