What is useful to do in diabetes mellitus? (aspects)

Bath and sauna
What is useful


sport and diabetes mellitusIt happens so that in case of finding of diabetes mellitus presence patient starts to ask about what he or she cannot do, eat, drink, etc. Well, it is natural, on one hand, as the patient is eager to get rid of the disease asap, but, on the other hand, it is necessary to remember that there may be more things that are useful for patient’s organism.

Apart from being useful, such things may keep the patient away from a bad mood, which is a part of any successful treatment.

It is a common point of view to treat diabetes as a disease, which makes patient's life more difficult. Especially if this disease is represented by insulin-dependent form. The patients are trying to limit themselves in anything, but there are situations, which require to do opposite actions.

1.What may be useful in case of diabetes mellitus?

One of very common situation is refusing of consumption of fruits by people that suffer from diabetes mellitus because they think that fruits contain a lot of glucose and sugar. Yes, it is so, but they also contain a lot of vitamins and diet fiber, which are important for overcoming the disease. The only limitation stands in consumption of fruits that have low glycemic index: apple and pear, orange and grapefruit, pine-apple and mango, melons and water-melons. Most useful fruits for people with diabetes mellitus are cherries.

2.Diabetes mellitus and drinks.

For diabetics is necessary consumption of big quantity of liquids, but they must not contain carbohydrate sweeties. Some natural teas may help in treatment of the disease. Special attention should be paid to a tea made of blueberry (especially from its leaves), tea made of sage and red tea. Besides, natural juices made of fruits and berries have low glycemic index these ones are very useful for patient’s organism too.

Sauna in diabetes mellitus3.Diabetes mellitus and sport.

The use of sports for diabetics cannot be underestimated. Sport activities decrease blood glucose level and this means that 10-15 minutes of physical activities a day will keep blood sugar level in normal boundaries. Apart from that, the sport is good for improving of consumption of insulin by cells.


Bathing may be a great addition to treatment of diabetes mellitus. Bathing and sauna may decrease blood sugar level, which is effective after a few visits on a regular basis.

However patient shouldn’t forget that diabetes mellitus requires to notify hiss attending doctor about any procedures like that.