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Test strips for blood glucose meters are used in order to control the concentration of glucose in the blood.

Description of test strips for blood glucose meters Test strips for glucometers Akku-chek

Test strips should be used only for a certain period, and after expiry date recycled. You should keep the test strip at a temperature not below 4 C and above 30 C. Do not expose the test strips to direct sunlight and to cold air (air temperature or wind). Average price of test strips is about 27 dollars. Test strips Accu Chek Active are designed for use with the devices “Glyukotrend “,”Accu-Chek Active“ and “Accu Chek Active New“.

Overview of test strips for various models of blood glucose meters

Test Strips “OneTouch”

Test strip of model One Touch are used if skin piercing is not big and it is sufficient only one drop of blood for the analysis.

Test Strips OneTouch

Feature of this model is that she absorbs the required amount of blood by itself. In addition, the capillary strip can help to select the puncture point, allowing you to save your fingers from more additional and painful punctures. With strip One Touch blood sample for analysis can be collected from any part of the body. Average price of these test strips is about 30 dollars, and in the box you’ll get 50 strips. This model of test strips is able to work with these models of glucose meters: One Touch Ultra and One Touch UltraEasy.

Satellite test strips

Test strips Satellite are a qualitative national analogue(produced in Russia) for detecting of glucose level. These test strips can work with device «Elta Satellite Plus». There are two different of packages containing 25 and 50 pieces per pack. The average price of these strips is located in range of 7 dollars. Each test strip is individually sealed into hermetical box and can be used only once. The level of glucose in the body is determined in accordance with the electrochemical method.

Test Strips Prestige Test strips Prestige

Prestige test strips are manufactured in the USA and they are suitable for blood glucose measurements for devices Prestige LXa and Prestige Iqa. Distinguishing feature of these test strips is high level of adsorption on the surface of the strip itself, which reduces the volume of blood samples needed for analysis. Test strips Prestige are relatively cheaper than European analogues and their cost in USA is about 20 dollars. Often Prestige test strips are packed in quantity of 25 piecespackage.

Test strips Bionime

Test strips are designed and are compatible with the glucometer Bionime Righttest GM300. The main features of these strips are gold electrodes, which improve contact of test surface and blood sample. They are very simple and easy to use. The price is about 25 dollars per pack.

Test Strips Freestyle Papillon

Test Strips Freestyle

Freestyle Test Strips are compatible only with blood glucose meters Freestyle Papillon, and to complete the analyze they need only 0.3 microliters of blood. This volume of blood sample is required to check the level of glucose in the blood. Price on these test strips is near 27 - 28 dollars, one package contains 50 sealed test strips.