Tangerines with diabetes, their useful properties, is it possible to have?



mandarins in diabetes mellitusTangerines are not only associated with New year and the smell of distant childhood, they are a great body's defense against various heart diseases and diabetes prevention. But if you already "purchased" a disease like diabetes, then this information is for you.

Foreign scientists have shown that tangerines contain a flavonol of nobiletin - a substance that successfully reduces the levels of insulin and cholesterol in the blood. This fact confirms the information that the mandarins at diabetes you can and should eat, they improve the appetite, increase the speed of digestion and nourish the body with various vitamins! A glass of tangerine juice is a delicious and very useful medicine that cleanses the bronchi and lungs of mucus.


Useful properties of tangerine diabetes

In these citrus contains dietary fiber and fructose, which in any way will not affect the glucose level in human blood and have useful properties. This citrus can be eaten as a snack or dessert, and you can add in main dishes or salads.C

Tangerines for diabetics can be very helpful: with its low calorie content they are able to satisfy the daily requirement of the body in some nutrients. One small fruit only 47 calories rich: 13 grams of carbs and 25 mg of vitamin C, vitamin E, 148 mg potassium 138 mg of beta-carotene.


more useful Than Mandarin in diabetes?

Eating Mandarin with diabetes will increase the body's resistance to various infections, and reduce cholesterol in the blood. All fresh citrus fruits, rich in carbohydrates and have a low glycemic index value (the index does not exceed 50 units), so almost does not affect the level of sugar in human blood.

Actually fruit considered as source of vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals, and tangerines in particular, contain soluble fiber, which increases the time for processing of carbohydrates in the digestive process. These fruits in their properties will help sick people, and reduce cholesterol, and control weight, all thanks to their useful fibres (100 gram of fruit contains 3 grams of fiber).

Important information on the admission of mandarins with diabetes: food to take only fresh, not fruit juice or canned fruit, where the integral component is a sugar!