Syndromes of diabetes mellitus

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thirst in diabetes mellitus

diabetes mellitus is one of the most insidious diseases of man. A universal cure does not exist, and the only way to make life easier for the patient is different safe methods to increase the secretion of insulin in the blood.

This disease is also frustrating that often shows no symptoms in its initial stages, therefore, only after a detailed medical examination, we can confidently conclude about the presence or absence of disease.

However, despite the latent nature of the disease, there are a few basic syndromes that are common to diabetes mellitus type I and II.


Also there is a gradation of symptoms and syndromes of the disease is given depending on or another type. If a person is ill with diabetes mellitus type I, this means that the level of glucose in the blood can be critically low or too high. Both polar conditions require immediate medical intervention.


Below are the syndromes of diabetes mellitus type I:


different from the varieties of the disease, diabetes mellitus type II is found in people of Mature age due to improper diet and characterized by hyperglycemia, i.e. high content of glucose in the blood.


increased appetite in diabetes mellitusthe following are the syndromes of diabetes mellitus type II:


As already indicated, diabetes in the initial stage can be in the recessive state, however, the treatment of the disease in any case can not be run: in severe cases, the possible total loss of sight or limb gangrene. Be attentive to your body, pay attention to these syndromes.

take care of your health!