Symptoms, signs of diabetes in pregnant women

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Symptoms, signs


Under diabetes understand the disease, which occurs due to absolute or, more often, relative lack of insulin in the human body. The disease is usually characterized by derangement in the body of a pregnant metabolism of carbohydrates, which leads to various disorders, including to improve glucose.


Symptoms and changes of disease

diabetes in pregnancyso, the course of the disease during the pregnancy may be greatly affected.

Changes can be divided into three stages:


so what are the symptoms experienced by the woman, who suffers from diabetes during pregnancy?

• slow healing wounds and cuts;
• cramps and heaviness legs;
• "white shroud" that appear before the eyes and vertigo;
heart pain;
• losing weight, developing at a normal appetite;
• tiredness and fatigue;
• frequent urination and the constant feeling of thirst, which can lead to dehydration.


Symptoms of types of diabetes

Symptoms of the first type of diabetes manifest clinical symptoms pronounced, which reflects the lack of insulin in the body of a pregnant woman. The disease begins with metabolic dysfunction, characterized by ketoacidosis, weight loss, polyuria and polydipsia. The disease can manifest severe acidosis or diabetic coma, however, if properly administered to a pregnant insulin, it is possible to achieve remission.

For the second type of diabetes is characterized by smooth start - pregnant begins to reach out to a neurologist, gynecologist and dermatologist about vision disorders, parodontosis, leg pain, vagina itching, tinea, furunculosis, and mycotic diseases.

throughout pregnancy, a woman should always be observed by a gynecologist and endocrinologist.