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Among patients with diabetes mellitus is encountered in both adults and children, whose bodies are more likely to develop type 1 of this disease. Define diabetes the child is difficult enough, because the blood sugar level of the child's body rises very slowly.

that is why there are cases when the child for a long time suffers from diabetes, and his parents about this not even suspect. Yet upon careful observation of your child can detect some of the symptoms indicating an insufficient level of insulin in the blood.

the main symptoms of diabetes children first of all you need include frequent urination, increased thirst, fatigue and lethargy. Already enough adult children, who themselves use the toilet, you can not control yourself and wet the bed during sleep, due to the large amount of fluid.

If the body of the child per day spends more than one and a half liters of urine, the parents have grounds for suspecting the presence of diabetes.

the Child, who suffers from diabetes, has good appetite, eats a lot, but not rapidly gaining or losing weight. Strong weight loss in the absence of timely treatment can lead to diabetic coma.

Rash on baby's skin with pustular character, strong purulent abscesses in the form of boils, itching of the skin is also sometimes indicate a lowering of the sugar level in the body.

Also when inflammation of the gums or of the external genital organs of the child, parents should immediately consult a doctor for examination for the presence of diabetes.

Medical practice shows that diabetes can develop even in infants. Manifestations of the disease is frequent and intense sucking of the breast, disorder of the digestive system - sometimes constipation, sometimes diarrhoea, spontaneous and frequent vomiting. The baby's parents also pay attention to his dirty diaper, which become crisper, due to the high sugar content in the children's urine.

From children with diabetes always coming unpleasant acetone smell, which often can determine the development of the disease.

diabetes mellitus is a complex disease originating in early childhood may have the most unpleasant and unpredictable consequences.