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Foot diabetesFeet, perhaps the weakest link in the disease diabetes. All the possible consequences and complications of the disease do not deprive the attention of the lower limb. Decreases nerve conduction, weaken and damaged all kinds of vessels, deteriorating shivamurti wounds, increasing the frequency of infection. All this leads to a noticeable foot problems. But, mostly, diabetes mellitus often develop diabetic foot. And swelling are less common only with the development of diabetic nephropathy.

by Themselves, edema, swelling of the legs reveal a violation of the flow of physiological fluids for one reason or another (close shoes or linen, kidney failure, heart failure, pregnancy, varicose veins and diseases of the internal organs, most often hormonal disorders). If swelling occurred on the background of diabetes should be suspected in a patient neuropathy, which leads not only to numbness the feet and fingers, but the swollen limbs of patients. Or nephropathy, which leads to the accumulation of fluid in the body due to poor kidney function. Special discomfort the patient is experiencing, as the sensitivity of nerve fibers is significantly reduced, and the initial swollen legs only in the evening, sometimes in the morning, after waking up. During the day it goes away, the swelling at first is not large, so people do not pay attention to such grounds.

But in any case, swelling is caused by excessive load on the legs and metabolic disorders. Based on this, and should pick up the treatment.


Causes of swelling and swelling

first of all you should identify the exact cause or causes of edema. If you know that it could be diabetes, it is necessary to normalize the sugar level. In addition, it is necessary to exclude other associated problems. To avoid inflammation of the kidneys should check protein in the urine, measure the amount of urine per day. To avoid varicose veins is to carefully inspect the surface of the feet for the presence of a mesh of blood vessels. We should not exclude heart problems and thyroid. But, all of these diseases can be excluded only doctor, the outward signs are often misleading.

Next, you should do side causes swelling. It may be the habit of sitting or sleeping in an uncomfortable position. Standing or sedentary work can similarly lead to edema. Not to ignore the five-minute and need at least a couple of minutes walk. It is recommended to drink a preventive vitamin and mineral supplements to strengthen blood vessels. Running, exercise, yoga helps reduce soreness and improve blood circulation. Uncomfortable shoes or tight stockings and socks often cause swelling of the calf muscles. Of course, wholesome food and no cigarettes and alcohol - all of this greatly affects the blood vessels and can provoke the flow off and swelling of the legs. Well, diabetes would trigger a terrible chain reaction.

Only an integrated approach under the guidance of an experienced physician will get rid of edema is not symptomatic, and healing the root cause. Do not think that swelling is a cosmetic inconvenience, it is always a signal of significant health problems, especially if it is weakened by diabetes!