Candy diabetes

Cane sugar


Candy is pure sugar. That is why their consumption is impossible with diabetes. This sugar is very easily digested and absorbed in theCandy diabetes the blood, which is very sharp and great in its significance craze of sugar level in the blood. And people who suffer from this disease such moments cannot be allowed. But, like other people, people who have such disease as diabetes sometimes even a strict no want to indulge in something sweet and tasty. And the way out of this situation can be diet products. In this product group are available and candy.


Candy diabetesDietary sugar substitutes in candy

such a Diet candy called, because in them instead of regular sugar, added sweeteners, such as xylitol, sorbitol, slastilin, fructose. All these substances much more slowly raise the level of glucose in the blood or not doing it at all. Thus, for example, by eating sweets, as a sweetener in which was used the xylitol, with its content up to 30 gr. the level of glucose suffering from diabetes will not improve at all. In such sweets is normally added another source of dietary fibers or their components, such as cellulose or pectin.


Restrictions on use

But not always only by the amount of sugar can harm to the patient candy diabetes. So even in diabetic canDiet candy to contain large amounts of fat, which are predominant in fatty acids and sugar is very harmful to the body with diabetes. It is therefore very important to take into account these components of these Goodies. On packages with these products is usually specified all the values of the required parameters, such as amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, and energy value of 100 gr. product.

in order To make it easier to understand can I eat these products and in particular the foreign candy manufacturers transferred a certain number of them in a bread unit, which contains 12 grams of digestible carbohydrate, or the carbohydrate unit, which includes only 10 grams of these carbohydrates. But for diabetics the norm is about 45-60 grams ha each meal. Generally these numbers are set by the doctor who observes the patient and only he can accurately tell the exact value. And if you want sweet then you can leave this value a small fraction to after a meal to eat candy.