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sweating in diabetes mellituswhat is the cause of excessive sweating in patients with diabetes mellitus? In the presence of poorly compensated, long-existing disease often lesions of peripheral nerves. It also can affect the parasympathetic and sympathetic fibers, which regulate directly the activity of the sweat glands. Most frequently in diabetes mellitus there sweating of the upper body of the person.

In most cases, sweating in diabetics due to autonomic neuropathy. Here we are not talking about acute episodes of hypoglycemia. Neuropathy Autonomous nature manifests impotence, orthostatic hypotension, gastroparesis, hypotonia of the bladder, retrograde ejaculation, diabetic diarrhea.

excessive sweating of face and head, as shown by medical practice, is frequently one of the earliest signs of diabetes, if it originated in old or Mature age.

If you have diabetes, generalized sweating is also associated with increased heat production, which is caused by increased metabolism. Often along with the overall sweating and intolerance of heat at ill observed strongly pronounced sweating in the neck, head and upper body.

Increased sweating combined with presyncope condition and tremors in people suffering from diabetes may be directly associated with a sharp reduction of blood sugar levels (hypoglycemia) that is accompanied by an insulin overdose. Even perfectly healthy people may develop hypoglycemia in some cases:


If a patient with diabetes occurs excessive sweating along with tachycardia and spasms, this is an obvious sign of such complications as hypoglycemia, and an urgent need to replenish the supply of glucose in the body of the patient.

the Existence of excessive sweating cannot be ignored. Hyperhidrosis creates excellent conditions for the development of pyogenic and fungal flora as a result of changes in the acidity of the skin and its lesions. Also increases susceptibility to colds, there is an unpleasant smell of sweat, there are cases of occurrence of skin diseases.