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suspected diabetestoday, though, diabetes is still not studied sufficiently and is therefore considered an incurable disease, there are three types of diabetes. If you suspect each type of this illness is prescribed different treatment.

If the doctor suspects gestational diabetes, which is the most mild form of this disease and occurs most often during pregnancy, which mostly disappears after, he recommends that after giving birth to undergo regular inspection, to donate blood for the detection of excess amounts of sugar in the blood to minimize the risk of developing type second diabetes.

the Second type of diabetes leads to the fact that cells of the human body that are responsible for the breakdown of insulin, more do not perceive it. Particularly dangerous this type of disease because it can be years does not manifest itself, do not show any symptoms that would have caused any inconvenience to the person, and then go immediately in the acute form. The suspicion of this type of diabetes may occur if a long time there are symptoms such as weakness, fatigue, thirst sensation, frequent visits to toilet, caused by frequent urination, weight loss. In that case you have to go to the doctor, which either confirm or refute the suspicion of diabetes mellitus. In addition, he will appoint a permanent monitoring of the level in the patient's blood sugar, which will allow, if necessary to avoid numbness of all extremities - neuropathy.

In non-insulin-dependent form of diabetes occurs most often on the contrary increase body mass.

If you suspect diabetes in the first degree, once confirmed, doctors recommend to carefully measure the level in the patient's blood sugar, not only during the day but at night. This simple, yet extremely important procedure to prevent hypoglycemia, whose symptoms include shakiness, sweating, sudden weakness and hunger, immediately the onset of fatigue and irritability, and severe headache.

Since diabetes is quite a serious disease, when the first suspicions of the disease should contact a doctor for advice. Symptoms appear very regularly. The doctor will prescribe treatment depending on the type of disease and with the use of effective methods folk medicine, you can enjoy a quiet life, keeping the symptoms of diabetes to a minimum, especially if it is a diabetes of the second type.