Sushi in diabetes mellitus



Modern cookery has revealed to us the cuisine of different countries. Now we can afford to treat themselves in a variety of dishes, which ten years ago we only heard. Here are all of this variety is not always useful for a certain category of people, namely patients with diabetes. In this article, we will investigate whether the diet of patients with diabetes to include sushi and what?

Sushi in diabetes mellitusto understand how often you can use it overseas dish for people with high sugar, you can disassemble it into parts and determine what is harmful and what is not.



Rice. It belongs to the category of cereals, which are not only possible but also need to consume for diabetics. If you prepare sushi at home, no need to buy any special varieties of rice. We can restrict our domestic. Because when cooked, it does not add salt - this is another plus factor. But it is necessary to note that the rice must be polished.

Algae. Sushi uses a special plate in dried seaweed. They also have no salt, they are very useful because they contain a lot of iodine and other trace elements, which requires healthy people.

Fish and seafood. The main "highlight" dishes are fish, shrimp, squid and other seafood. Of course, it is necessary to take into account the sort of fish, as too fatty or salty does not fit the diet of a diabetic. It is better to take sea-fish and to boil it is a good option for sushi. Or replace it with a cucumber - this type of sushi is also popular and no less tasty.

Sushi for diabetesthe Sauce. Given that the dish did not add a single gram of salt, boiled rice seasoned with a special sauce that consists of sugar, rice vinegar and water. For diabetics it's a risky mix, but given that the main seasoning is soy sauce, refills can subtract sugar or add a substitute. Rice vinegar is much weaker than our usual, with his concentration in the sauce is further reduced. So nothing bad from it will not.

it turns out that the Chinese came up with a very good and useful the dish in which no salt, but there is everything useful that is necessary for a diabetic. Only should take into account that the components of the meals should not be too fatty (black and red caviar, herring). It is better to prepare a classic sushi at home. The result is the same as in any restaurant, but you have to decide what is wrapped up in a piece of seaweed. Surprisingly, for lack of a huge amount of fat sushi - very satisfying product, will not suffer body weight, and in finished form it can be stored in the refrigerator for several days.