Sunflower seeds in diabetes mellitus. Is it possible to have?



seeds in diabetes mellitussunflower Seeds are very useful. Like any useful product, seeds contain proteins, fats, and vitamins. Eating sunflower seeds, our body gets potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and many other minerals. But, as they say, all should be in moderation. Therefore, to misuse this product is not recommended.

Eating sunflower seeds in diabetes is not contraindicated. On the contrary, many doctors recommend this product in a small amount. Since sunflower seeds are a very nutritious product, the only limitation is the number of seeds. Even the most healthy person, don't use seeds. While many are convinced that they are not so easy sometimes to give up.


Roasted or dried seeds?

When diabetes there are some exceptions that are best observed. Eating high-calorie foods, fatty, fried and the like is excluded. Therefore, average daily seeds, it is best to decrease slightly. It is best to calculate the calories consumed per day, and from this sum to make a start, expecting "a dose of black gold."

sunflower seedsIf necessary, you can eat the dried seeds. Many even more taste dried seeds. When frying, sunflower seeds, losing more than eighty percent of nutrients. Some fans of solar product, buy already peeled seeds. But, unfortunately, they are also not very useful. As seeds without the shell is susceptible to rapid oxidation. Best diabetes, to buy sunflower seeds and cook them yourself. Doctors divide these medicinal properties of sunflower seeds as a prevention of cardio vascular system. A beneficial effect on hair and skin. Improves the condition of the nail plate. Many fans of the sunflower seeds are not even aware that seeds, you could say, are the antidepressant. They enrich our body of vitamin b which is so essential to the nervous system. It is the deficiency of vitamin C and b contained in sunflower seeds, causes apathy and depression. Recently, scientists have proved that seeds prolong life.

to Summarize, sunflower seeds are very useful in small quantities. Diabetics should not be afraid of the consequences if we take seeds sparingly.