The level of sugar in the blood of dogs and cats

In children
An adult
In cats and dogs


sugar in the blood in dogsMany breeders Pets you know that sweets for their beloved Pets - it's a poison, so not only does not treat their cats and dogs these treats, but watching the level of blood sugar. And how it should be in these animals, try to understand.


blood Sugar in dogs

strangely enough, but sugary foods not only affect the blood glucose level in dogs, but also significantly impairs digestion. Veterinarians warn that even the most delicious chocolate may be the last food of the animal, because sometimes seen fatal outcomes after ingestion of this product.

Food containing a large amount of sugar affects the appetite of the dog may cause damage to the teeth, and this will be the result of deterioration of the digestion. With such long feeding the dog in the blood may decrease glucose levels because of the lack of appetite.

the rate of sugar in dogs approximate the same, which is the average for a person of 5.5 mmol/l. This figure allows for the lower boundary to 5 mmol/l, respectively and a slight increase upwards. Occurs in dogs and significant (up to 30 mmol/l) increase in glucose level. In this case there is diabetes. More the illness affects adults after 7 years. It is noticed that females are more likely to suffer from diabetes than males. At risk are poodles, and dachshunds, although in recent years in this list are Terriers. Suffer from diabetes dogs with overweight.


, the Level of glucose in cats

sugar in blood of catsGlucose in the blood of cats should be about the same as the dog. The lower amount is around 5 mmol/l, slightly above the top 6. At an elevated level and the deviation from the norm occurs diabetes. Sometimes the disease may be accompanied by pancreatitis or a pancreatic tumor. The first signs of high blood sugar cats - animal lethargy, lack of appetite, diarrhea, labored rapid breathing. If time is not given, the pet can overtake even death. Only in the clinic the cat can put the correct diagnosis, and to monitor the level of sugar in the blood of four-legged patient will have a home owner yourself. To treat cats with this diagnosis is very difficult. However, insulin injections help if not to cure the animal completely, it is possible to alleviate the condition.

Difficult to cure ailments related to the rise in blood sugar in dogs or pet cats. Worry about their health while they're fun and carefree, to properly feed and care for them with love. Then your four-legged family member will be completely healthy.