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sugar diabetesSugar - or sucrose, an important energy source of the body. Distinguish between cane and beet (refined). Cane brown grains have a very pronounced, unusual aroma and taste. Brown in Europe is called tea and is served in the best restaurants. There are several types of cane: Demerara, Muscovado, Turbinado and Black Barbados.

refined Beet is not inferior to the brown cane. Moreover, the refining is a further purification of impurities, representing a health threat. Even before the therapy was carried out by introduction into the body of glucose for the treatment of certain liver diseases and poisoning. Recent studies have confirmed that it is necessary to limit the use of sugar. This can be especially true in the elderly and with impaired metabolism. Excess consumption of this product leads to disturbances in fat metabolism, increases the concentration of cholesterol and blood sugar.

People with diabetes sugar in any form is contraindicated. You can, of course, consumed in minimal quantities, varying the dose of insulin, but only when compensated diabetes.

brown cane sugar in diabetes mellitusCane sugar and diabetes

Cane after the refining process is no different from beet sugar. The level of sucrose and that is 99.9% sucrose. The myth that beet cane more useful than a simple delusion. The load on the body, they both carry enormous.He refers to the complex carbohydrates, the body is able to absorb completely only simple carbohydrates (starch and fiber). Undigested carbohydrates accumulate in liver in the form of glycogen and accumulate in the blood. That's why people with diabetes sugar is completely contraindicated. The constant struggle for reducing and maintaining normal blood sugar can be reduced to just one there is no spoon.

Brown cane sugar and diabetes

Brown cane differs from the white to the presence of molasses. When boiling down and cleaning up some remains. The more the content of cane molasses in its composition, korichnevie and more aromatic product. It was believed that brown useful, due to the presence of molasses of useful minerals. However, nutritionists have a different opinion. They claim that unrefined sugar contains contaminants and unhealthy calories.