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Sugar in the urine in the childthe Appearance of sugar or glucose in the urine of a child - a disturbing symptom, which in any case cannot be ignored. And all because if the analysis demonstrates excess of the normal values you need in the shortest possible time to contact an experienced physician for treatment.


Glucose and sugar in the urine of a child: causes

Glucosuria occurs in the body due to the fact that the process of reabsorption is not performed in full and the amount of glucose in the urine is so great that its amount significantly exceeded normal values. In the end, this leads to the fact that the load on the kidneys becomes excessive, while the renal threshold often dependent on the individual characteristics of the organism, and children often ranging in the range of 7-10 mmol/l, significantly exceeded.

the Reason for the increase of glucose level in urine in children quite a lot, and one of the most common is diabetes mellitus. However, not always the increase of sugar level manifests itself because of this disease, the cause of glycosuria in a child may be a disorder of the endocrine system, as well as possible kidney damage. Therefore, in order to correctly interpret the received diagnosis will be required mandatorily to consult a specialist.

What is important, often the indicators of sugar the child can be wrong. And all because before passing urine, you need to give up sweets, and taking some medications. So, in order not to get a false analysis may occur due to overeating, excessive consumption of cakes, chocolates, and even the copious amounts of fruit. Also 1-2 days to completely give up drugs, which contain glucose, including aspirin, caffeine, and other variants with similar composition.


Glucose in urine child

If, however, the presence of sugar in urine of a child still to be confirmed, that, subsequently, will need to constantly maintain these indicators in norm. You will need a special test, including strips, immediately determine the result.

If timely medication, controlled diets, and a constant control of the sugar levels will prevent a possible worsening of the disease, but because his condition will remain stable and positive.

Sugar in urine in children is a dangerous symptom that requires constant monitoring. Because otherwise the disease can seriously worsen and the consequences will be very, very sad.