Sugar (glucose) in the urine in pregnancy: treatment glycosuria in pregnant women

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Sugar in urine during pregnancythe Concept of "glucosuria" means the increase of sugar level and glucose in urine, and a similar condition is often observed in pregnant women during the early and late term. What is dangerous is similar to the manifestation that is necessary in order to prevent it, and what treatment will be important in this case?


Increase sugar in urine during pregnancy and treatment

urine Analysis necessary to determine sugar level often is in the early stages of pregnancy. But a single increase of glucose level in pregnant women is not talking about the possible emergence of diabetes or glycosuria. Often such a manifestation is a physiological phenomenon, does not harm the mother or unborn fetus. Often it is increased due to the fact that the body needs greater amounts of glucose in order to provide developing in the womb your baby with the necessary energy.

it is Important to understand that a single increase in the level of sugar in the urine is not dangerous, however, if in subsequent analyses, glucosuria will be confirmed, it is important to urgently appoint a suitable treatment, as diabetes in pregnancy can seriously harm the unborn baby.


Glycosuria in pregnancy: risk group

There is a certain risk group, for which the level of sugar in the urine is crucial, because it is so important to control the amount of glucose. Therefore, a particular danger during pregnancy this demonstration is for those who meet at least one of the following parameters: age older than 30 years, the presence of a family history of diabetes, increased blood sugar levels before pregnancy, excessive fetal weight more than 4.5 kg, and miscarriages in the early stages, as evidenced in previous pregnancies


How to prevent the increase of sugar and glucose in the urine of pregnant women

most importantly, there are a number of rules that will avoid the possible development of glycosuria. To do not too difficult, just adhere to prescribed diet diet, avoiding fatty and fried foods, as well as controlling consumption of sweets. Not be amiss to complement the usual routine of physical exercise, to perform specialized exercises for pregnant women, access to the pool, and to give daily half an hour walking in the fresh air.

Increased glucose in urine of pregnant women is an alarming symptom that should be given special attention. Of course, one manifestation of glycosuria is not talking about anything serious, but the recurrence of this disease can be dangerous and require constant medical supervision and prescription of appropriate treatment.