Subcompensation of diabetes mellitus, subcompensated type

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Subcompensation of diabetes mellitusDiabetes mellitus subcompensation is a suspended state in between the decompensation and compensation. Compensation appears in case if indicators are close to normal, while decompensation is manifested by appearance of complications, worsening of patient's health. For this form of diabetes, it is common that patient loses up to 50 gr of sugar washed away with urine per day, and the blood glucose concentration is around 13.8 mmol/L. In this case, there is no acetone in urine, while in the decompensated state it is present. Appearance of hyperglycemic coma is impossible because patient’s health condition is not good in this case.

Compensation in case of the subcompensated diabetes does not rely on the type of diabetes; it may be applied in both types of diabetes mellitus (in diabetes of 1st and 2nd type). Decompensation should be completed when the glucose level is over 9 mmol/L in a couple of hours after the meals. Hematoglobulin has the concentration over 9%, and there is more than 7 mmol/L glucose concentration in the fasted state. In case of compensation, all these indicators are equal 7.55 mmol/L, 6.5% and 6.1 mmol/L accordingly. Anything in between the said limits is called subcompensation, and far not always they are worsening. Wrong diet, stress and agitation may lead to compensation disorders and to appearance of other associated diseases in patient's organisms.

Irregular use of medical preparations and medications leads to the same consequences. In some cases, there may be a demand to increase the dose prescribed by the doctor. The results of glucose concentration deceasing for a period of last few weeks may be obtained by means of fructosamine, normal concentration of which should not be above 285 micro-mmol/L. For patients suffering from diabetes mellitus of 2nd type is crucial indicator is lipid metabolism. The lipid profile works with such indicators like triacylglycerides TAG, lipoproteins LDL, low density lipoproteins and HDL, high density lipoproteins and cholesterol. At the stage of decompensation the value of TAG will be over 2.3, LDL over 1 and HDL over 4. The content of cholesterol will be from 6 mmol/L.

Subcompensation of diabetes mellitus

The stage of diabetes mellitus subcompensation is manifested by cholesterol level at 6-4.8 mmol/>, TAG - 2.2-1.7, LDL - 1.2-1, HDL - 4-3 mmol/L. The degree of compensation is the very important parameter, which helps to avoid complications and slow progress of the disease. There is a risk of kidney failure and eyesight problems for people with subcompensated diabetes of 1st type, and cardiac accident for patients with diabetes of second (2nd) type. Patient has to get 0.5 units of insulin for every kilogram of body weight daily (it is average amount). Therefore, the daily dose should be divided into few parts because it is absorbed better in this case. In the state of subcompensation of diabetes, patient's complains are absent or their number is minimized.