Stroke and diabetes mellitus. How dangerous this combination of and prevention

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the stroke in diabetes mellitusWhen you stroke a region of the brain does not receive blood and if the condition persists more than four minutes, the person dies.

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Features of stroke in diabetes

it is Known that diabetes mellitus leads to abnormalities in small and large vessels in patients very often develop atherosclerosis. Under this condition the vessels are affected, they lose their elasticity and become stiff and the walls are formed from the buildup of cholesterol plaques. Most often these patches are transformed to blood clots that clog blood vessels, then they come off and blood flow reach the cerebral arteries, blocking them. This is an ischemic stroke.

Confounding is of violations of water-salt exchange. Again known fact that diabetics are significantly higher urine output compared with healthy people, and if you don't replenish water in sufficient quantity, the blood will thicken, which is another factor contributing to the increased risk of stroke. You can make a simple conclusion: people with diabetes are much more likely to suffer from this disease (according to studies in 2,5 times).

in addition, stroke patients with diabetes mellitus always been harder because of become hard (sklerozirovanie) vessels. In some cases, failure of the blood supply to the brain organism, so to speak, connects additional reserves or waste road - small arteries (arterioles) that carry blood flows into the affected area, bypassing damaged blood vessels, and restores the power. However, in diabetic patients small vessels and atherosclerotic altered blood flow through them is impossible or slow, so after the stroke, their recovery period will be much longer, the consequences for the whole organism is much more serious, in comparison with "healthy" people.

How to be? If it happened, then the correct treatment is prescribed by a doctor. It is in your hands to prevent the described developments, through timely preventive measures. You will need:


the measures Described would be enough to counter the stroke, even with the condition that you are suffering from diabetes!