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stress and diabetesAs they say, men are weak and it's not just his addictions and bad habits. Any person, as if he didn't shout about his good health, will find your weak spot. Some get this "weak spot" in the womb of the mother, while others acquire it in the course of his life.

known for some factors that trigger the emergence and further development of diabetes:


there Are cases when the cause of diabetes is stress suffered by the mother during pregnancy. Moreover, this word may hide not only emotional turmoil, but even surgery and disease, malnutrition and starvation. This shake-up for the body is nothing but stress. It sometimes leads to the fact that cells in the pancreas that produce insulin in the newborn become too sensitive to viral infections. For example, banal rhinitis, influenza or the chicken pox can lead to various inflammations in these cells, there are scars, and lead to the violation of work pancreatic cancer.

Now let's talk about stress, transportable in adulthood. Stress is one of the main causes of diabetes. We are experiencing both at home and at work. As a result, the nervous system fails, and here there is a development of diabetes. Inheritance and severe psychological trauma are the main factors leading to the development of diabetes. In the non-hereditary diabetes stress gives rise to adrenaline and glucocorticoid hormones to the destruction of insulin and cells, provoking him to lower overall sensitivity of tissues to insulin. Tip for everyone - do not bring stress to yourself and others. All of this can, surprisingly, as a result lead to the development of diabetes.

stress and diabetesIf you already have diabetes, the result of suffering a stress in your blood to provide energy for the muscles you receive the excess glucose coming from the liver. All of this is the excessive quantity of sugar that circulates in the blood, tends to get in the muscle cells, but as a result of incorrect processes in the patient with diabetes mellitus, does not reach them. And it is bad for your and so unhealthy the body.

How to prevent stress or get rid of it? A few effective tips: