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Stevia in diabetes mellitusStevia is the shrub homeland, which is Brazil and Paraguay. In ancient times the Indians called this plant sweet grass. Since ancient times a tradition of eating. It is believed that this plant is one of the most valuable in the world because it allows you to hang the bioenergetic level of human capacity that allows an active lifestyle to old age.


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today modern medicine began to produce the medicine of stevia to treat diabetes. The medicine made from this plant reduces the level of sugar in blood, also it is often used for lowering blood pressure. The use of drugs from this plant can boost the immune system. It also owns and detoxologie bactericidal properties. Stevia is a natural energy source. If you use the infusion from this plant systematically, the human body is enriched with energy, all of which contributed to reduce the feeling of appetite and leaves a craving for overeating. To date, not been a single documented case of bringing harm to this plant the human body, stevia affects the body only as positive.

Stevia in diabetes mellitus


Properties of stevia

But, all the same talk in more detail about the use of this plant in diabetes. As a result of numerous researches, scientists have proved that stevia is able to normalize the glucose level in blood, strengthen the blood vessels. Also, medicine made from stevia stimulates insulin secretion by the pancreas. In the modern world often use stevia as a sugar substitute.

stevia is a plant, which is rich in biologically active substances that normalize the process of metabolism of carbohydrates in the human body. The medicine made from this plant will be the indispensable food for people who are overweight. A lot of people with excess weight said that in the process of receiving this plant they have lost the desire to use not only fatty foods, and sweets. Stevia is often used in many diets for weight loss. Thus without changing lifestyle, people with excess weight who consume stevia gradually and safely lose weight. Today, stevia is cultivated and used all over the world, but primarily it is used as a drug for the treatment of diabetes.