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statins diabetesthe drugs called Statins that lower total cholesterol and LDL (low density lipoprotein), blocking the enzyme MMC COA reductase. The merger is conditional, fall into this group all of the drugs inhibiting a biological synthesis in the liver cholesterol. This somatostatin, pravastatin, lovastatin, and others. In the risk group, in addition to persons with diabetes of both types, made up of people with renal insufficiency, intermittent claudication, angina, transferred stroke and heart attacks. The principle of action of statins is simple - they will replace the present enzyme, interrupting the creation of mevalonic acid. This stops the synthesis of liporotein in the liver, respectively, their percentage content in the blood is maintained at a low level.

the Main drugs of this type are Rosuvastatin that reduces cholesterol by 55%, Atorvastatin, reduce this figure as, atorvastatin, reduces LDL up to 47%. of Simvastatin has a score of 38%, pravastatin - 28%, Fluvastatin - 29% and Lovastatin - 25%. Thus, the activity of various drugs, their action is not limited.

statins diabetesStatins stop the development of atherosclerosis in diabetes mellitus and partially develop it back, increasing the diameter of the artery. Drugs need from 3 to 5 years to stabilize cholesterol levels and only six months to expand the blood vessels. During the same period was observed regression of LVH (left ventricular hypertrophy), and the antihypertensive effect is noticeable after 60 days.

the Prognosis of patients with diabetes mellitus of the 2nd and 1st types improved in 3 years, and the bile becomes saturated cholesterol after 6 months. The risk of osteoporosis is reduced after 3 years of taking the drugs, the brain attacks will be prevented after taking over a year. Statins are selected by the attending physician primarily in diabetes mellitus type 2, both in Russia and abroad. The results of the studies in 300 patients with cholesterol levels above 220РјРі/DL showed that at doses from 5mg to 20mg atorvastin every day the level of glucose increases. This is observed especially in the first year of therapy of diabetes mellitus medications of this type.

statins diabetes - administration of atorvastatin impairs carbohydrate metabolism, this is proven by scientists in several countries. Noted that the major coronary events occur in 30% less frequently in patients treated with statins exactly the same as the fact that the risk of death is reduced by 18 to 22%. The plasma of all kinds of particles reduces simvastatin, patients with hypertriglyceridemia it brings the greatest benefit. The proven usefulness of the everyday reception of simvastatin in the amount of 40mg/day along with an antioxidant cocktail, consisting of: 20mg/day of carotene, 250РјРіРј of 600РјРіРј vitamin C and vitamin E.