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the Description of heart rate monitors

blood pressure Monitor-glucometerequipment (tometry-glucose meters) can measure the lower and upper blood pressure and pulse rate, using a compression cuff attached to the forearm of the hand of a sick person.

to Know the exact concentration of glucose in the blood is possible by means of carrying out the calculation method and without fences blood, non-invasive way. It should be noted that the result obtained comes from the blood pressure values.

it is Important to remember that to determine the level of glucose is possible by means of analyzing pulse waves that can occur during measuring the pressure of first the right and then to left hand.

Glucose is called material energy, which can be used by the muscle tissue of the human body and, of course, blood vessels. It should be noted that vascular tone can be changed significantly due to fluctuations in the number of such hormone as insulin and glucose. And with the help of this device you will be able to analyze the tone of your blood vessels, to know the exact fluctuations of pulse waves, a blood pressure value and to determine the amount of glucose in the blood.


review of the Russian pressure cuff-blood glucose meter Omelon

blood pressure Monitor-blood glucose meter OmelonGlucometer-tonometer Melon developed by the specialists from Russia, which immediately after the sale went to the finals in the contest of Russian innovations, which appeared in 2006. In addition, he received a patent in Russia and, of course, similar developments in the world. In addition, it is worth noting that he has passed all the possible tests that are required in order to obtain all the necessary certification documents in order to start production and sell it in Russia. For example, this includes the registration certificate of the Russian Stavnezer, certificates of state standard and sanitary-epidemiological conclusion of Rospotrebnadzor.


Test strips

currently glucometers are designed to conduct automatic measurement of parameters of blood pressure, and it's a great way to determine the level of glucose in the blood. It is worth noting that models such as Melon, Duo-Care and others do not require test strips. Such devices can perform several functions, and it does not require any blood sampling. Thus, monitoring the level of blood glucose much easier, that is, it was absolutely painless, safe and totally non-traumatic.


Reviews and the price of the device

About blood glucose meters - blood pressure monitors a lot of reviews. Virtually all positive. Its price is 2000 rubles. You can find it in major pharmacies in the city, but it is best to order from the online store. It's so much easier and more convenient.