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sorrel diabetesunpretentious sorrel occurs everywhere. Wild - in meadows, forest glades. Cultural - in almost any country site. This is a very useful plant. It is widely used in cooking and for medicinal purposes.

the Leaves and stalks are edible parts of this plant contain many complex organic substances, copper, zinc, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamins a, C, PP, B1, B2, and Nickel, boron, titanium and molybdenum, related to the rare elements. Yet they contain valuable organic acids - oxalic, malic, citric, and the content of chlorophyll is close in structure to the hemoglobin of human blood.

diabetes sorrel can be eaten without limits, focusing on your appetite. Of course, if there is related kidney disease, ulcers of the stomach or intestines, gastritis and enterocolitis. In these cases, eat it in very small amount, as it increases the acidity. It belongs to the 1st group of products on the content of carbohydrates per 100 grams fresh weight of sorrel contains about 5.3 g of carbohydrates. Its energy value is 28 kcal, protein 1.5 g

He has the ability to reduce blood sugar levels. In addition, he is an irreplaceable element of the diet obesity, aggravating diabetes. It is very useful to use in raw form. You can also cook it in the form of soup, soups, hash, salads. Cooking capacity quite a lot.

In folk medicine, there are many recipes to reduce sugar, including with the use of sorrel. This salad is very easy to do: mix 2 cups of chopped stems of young field horsetail, 50g. green onions, 40g. dandelion leaves, 20g. sorrel with vegetable oil. Season with salt to taste.

If lesions of the gums, diabetics are very helpful to rinse your mouth with juice squeezed from crushed leaves of sorrel through cheesecloth. Juice diluted with boiled water in a proportion one to two. They need to rinse your mouth during the day for treatment and prevention of gum diseases.

diabetes often have leg problems, sometimes accompanied by severe itching. In these cases it is very useful to have sorrel as often as possible, in large quantities.

so, the sorrel with diabetes to use and very very useful. In raw form, and the composition of the first, second dishes, salads. It contains many useful substances and vitamins, it is able to reduce the level of sugar, contains a safe level of carbs, low calorie. Its juice is used for the prevention and treatment of gum disease, it helps to relieve itching in the legs. In some concomitant diseases listed above, the use should be limited.