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feet hurt diabetes, pain in legsSick diabetes constantly complain that they hurt your feet. The cause of this pain is the damage to nerves of the peripheral nervous system. This leads to disruption of blood flow, resulting in any injury to the feet will heal with difficulty. Also affects the large blood vessels (arteries). Because of this it receives much less oxygen, carbonic acid accumulates in the body, which leads to painful sensations.

the Symptoms of leg pain in diabetes can be cramps, weakness, tingling, swollen legs decreased sensitivity to pain, no knee reflexes, and others. The pains occur not only in the daytime, but at night; not only when walking but also at rest.


Why do feet hurt with diabetes?

Pain in legs in diabetes may arise not only from the disease itself, but from complications that it can cause. For example, one of the complications can be a fungus of the feet (athlete's foot). Athlete's foot causes cracking of skin, due to which the leg can be filled passed through the cracks microbes. In this case, you must apply anti-fungal creams.

Another reason, which made my legs ache with diabetes, is corn. Shoes the patient may be uneven pressure on the foot, as a result creating her solid skin. As a result of developing a disease known as diabetic foot. You must be careful when selecting shoes, to avoid this, and to buy larger shoes or boots. You also need to use special softening means, if the feet hurt.


Pain in legs in diabetes mellitus - prevention and treatment

If not to have wounds on his leg, then over time might develop an ulcer. In such a case should immediately consult a physician. Self-medication can be dangerous, even if the ulcer is not much time to develop.

For the treatment of leg pain in diabetes mellitus patient should do the following things:


the treatment of pain in the legs can not be tightened because of the complications of diabetes can seriously hamper the recovery of the foot - it is very important to act at an early stage of the disease.