Sorbitol in diabetes mellitus

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Because diabetics sweets and regular sugar should not be consumed, there may be other products - based fructose and sugar substitutes. One of these is sorbitol.


Obtaining sorbitol

the Sorbitol in diabetes mellitusLike fructose, sorbitol is produced only from natural components. Of course, should not be consumed too much because it is pretty caloric. But the condition of blood and in particular on the level of sugar it has no effect. This component is in sweet fruit, but the sorbitol is not as sweet as regular sugar, but looks the same. But most of all, this substance contains Rowan. Quite recently scientists managed to synthesize and secrete the useful properties of sorbitol.


Useful properties

the Positive side of the sorbitol is that it is not the carbohydrate that negatively affects the health of diabetics (in addition to "easy" carbs). The body metabolizes it very slowly, if to sort out the amount of sorbitol, it is possible for a long time to spend, sorry, in the toilet. More than 30 g of this product provoke diarrhea and nausea, and this will agree, not very nice. So do not go too far with its use.

If you add the sorbitol in hot tea or juice, it does not lose its taste, but you should use it very carefully. Its functions include increasing the level of glycogen in the liver, does not increase the amount of acetone in the body, promotes bile flow, and has diuretic.

Another property of fluids is water absorption. This substance is able to remove moisture from the air and saturate it products. And patients with diabetes, as you know, you must drink plenty of fluids. It can be used during cooking candy, jellies, sweet pastes. Then these products can be stored longer and retain their flavor.

the Use of sorbitol

the Sorbitol in diabetes mellitusthe doctors are Also not recommended to use sorbitol a long period. To use this sweetener should no longer than four months, then I need to exclude a Supplement from the diet. In large doses it can harm, in particular, those who have revealed cholelithiasis and biliary dyskinesia (impaired motility of the biliary tract associated with nervous shock or malfunction of the digestive system).

it should be noted that sorbitol is not just a sweetener. It is a kind of alcohol, which is contained in natural products. So, to make life sweeter and feel comfortable, not necessarily to drink saccharin in dry form, because he is in the sweet berries and vegetables.