The society of diabetic patients

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society of patients with diabetes mellitusas soon As the doctor makes an unpromising diagnosis of "diabetes", most people either do not give it due importance, or fall into a deep depression. All this happens because of lack of knowledge of this disease.

Although, enough information now on various websites, but sometimes, the person lacks elementary support of family or friends. Many even limit the communication, again because of their incompetence and partly of pity.

a Positive role for social adaptation of people affected in this case are the numerous Societies of patients with diabetes mellitus. They are organized usually on the basis of the medical institution. Participate in them and the volunteers. The main goal of such a society information and medical assistance to the newcomers, and to promote the prevention of diabetes.

currently, patient education Diabetes School, is considered mandatory in the treatment of disease of any type. As a result of training, the person receives vital knowledge for successful coexistence with the disease, and to join the Society of patients with diabetes mellitus. And receives the answers to the questions:


Representatives of organizations from different cities constantly going to seminars where the exchange of experience, discussion of new pharmaceuticals and therapies. Together we consider the issue of protecting the rights of patients with diabetes and find the ways to solve them.

the international diabetes organization, in the person of President Michael Hurst, encourages hard to detect this terrible disease in its early stages, even in children. During this period, with the help of modern technologies, have the opportunity to stop her. To create more Societies of patients with diabetes mellitus. According to the President, without such prevention, and children and adults are deprived of the right to a healthy life.