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a sobbing breath diabetesdiabetes is a problem for many. Unfortunately, medicine is not yet known the means by which to get rid of the disease once and for all. Drugs, lowering blood sugar levels, special diet, and the artificial introduction of insulin give only a temporary effect - a sick man is obliged to use these methods throughout his life.

Absolutely revolutionary technique known as "sobbing breath", authored by Yury Vilunas, is today considered not only as a means of rejuvenation and healing the body, but in a way that cures diabetes.

for anybody not a secret that this disease is associated with impaired synthesis and selection in blood of insulin-the hormone that regulates the level of glucose in the blood. But here the reasons of such violations are hiding in irregular breathing. Because hypoxic cells in the pancreas may not function normally, which affects the production of hormones — so mild stage of diabetes. As for the more severe cases, when the patient is transferred to artificial insulin, the complications due to improper treatment. Regularly doing breathing exercises, can significantly improve the condition of the body.

Respiratory gymnastics according to the method sobbing breath against diabetes is allowed to hold in any position - standing, lying or sitting. Exhalation and inhalation should be carried out only through the oral cavity. First you need to pay attention to the breath — it should be slow, smooth, easy and uniform. To make it easier you can breathe, creating the sound of "whew". Remember that the time of expiration is always the same. Yuri Vilunas recommends beginners first to count "one machine, two machine, three machine". With time in account there will be no need — body gets used to a specific rhythm.

If the exhale is always the same, here's breaths can be different. You should start with the so-called imitation of breath. To do this, slowly open your mouth and say the sound "K" - the air is swallowed. Now slowly exhale. Having mastered this technique can be transferred to the surface to breath (inhale lasts half a second) and then to moderate (breathe in for one second).

One session of breathing exercises takes approximately 2 - 3 minutes, but this time is very individual. If during exercise you find it hard to breathe or think, there is not enough air, you should stop using this technique. With time everything will make things easier. During the day, these sessions should be at least 4 - 6.

With regular use of the method "sobbing breath" against diabetes after 2 to 3 months you will notice improvements — gone is the depression and constant fatigue, and, most importantly, blood sugar levels will decline significantly.

it is Worth noting that the method a sobbing breath is not only a medicine that cures diabetes. With his help fighting obesity, chronic fatigue, diseases of the respiratory system, and also used as a means of prevention of diseases and rejuvenation of the body. Learn more about this technique you can learn from reading the book of Y. Vilunas "diabetes is curable".